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Established in 1986 as a baby care unit by Thailand's Department of Social Development and Welfare, we have grown in both size and scope. We now lead a growing network of orphanages, group homes, and foster care families dedicated to caring for orphaned or abandoned children.

Our mission is to protect and care for abandoned and orphaned children, defending their rights, guarding their health, and teaching them to be generous, healthy, and successful.

Viengping Orphanage
Nearly 300 boys and girls ages 0 to 6 and girls from 7 to 22 call Viengping's orphanage home. We seek to provide the highest quality care for each child. We provide a secure and loving home, as well as a range of programs and activities to nurture each child's growth, intellect, and character.

The children participate in activities intended to enrich their lives, from service projects in their community, to money management simulations, to safe sex and drug resistance workshops, to field trips to restaurants and markets. We equip the children with knowledge of their world and health, and instill in them a value for showing the same generosity to others that their community has shown to them.

All school aged children are enrolled in schools in the community. We augment their studies with tutor and study sessions and, for those who are far behind, supplementary Saturday and summer classes. To encourage the children to work hard, we give awards to those who earn good grades or whose grades improve.

Our HIV and AIDS infected children are given the same love and care as all our children; they know they are an important, equal part of our family. We hold activities and workshops to help them manage their health and live with hope, happiness, and dignity, despite having a terminal disease.

NGO Orphanages: HIV/AIDS Care Viengping Children Home places some of our children who are infected with HIV or AIDS at these specialized NGO-run orphanages: Baan Agape, Baan Mitratorn, Baan Ron Sai, and Baan Rung. Viengping manages legal guardianship, while the NGOs use funds they raise to support each child under their care.

Foster Families & Group Homes
We believe that nothing can replace the love and support of a family. Some of our children live with foster families in our community. Others stay in a small group setting in group homes who care for between 5 and 7 children. The group homes with whom we work are: Le Refuge Home, Baan Den Doung, Baan Pimmala, and Baby Home. Viengping financially supports the children we place in group homes and foster families and serves as their legal guardians, advocating for them and monitoring their welfare. Learn more about becoming a foster parent.